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Book your session today and discover the transformative power of our beauty services.  Experience the excellence of our renowned cranial prosthesis services and step into a world where your confidence shines.

30 Years of Industry Experience

Decades of excellence in beauty, enhancing style with 30 years of professional expertise.

Online Beauty Supply Leader

Your top choice for beauty supplies online, offering quality products and expertise.

Certified in Cranial Prosthesis

Expert in cranial prosthesis, certified to provide specialized hair loss solutions.

About us

Enhancing beauty

At ‘It’s Bout Time Beauty,’ we focus on more than just enhancing appearance; we’re committed to transforming self-confidence. Led by our esteemed CEO, Tara Cooper, we cater to each client with precision and personalized care.

Our mission is simple: to provide top-tier beauty services and products through our online store, making luxury accessible to everyone. Under Tara’s expert guidance, we utilize only the finest techniques and products, ensuring that you leave looking great and feeling truly spectacular.

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Expert Care for Every Hair Texture

We specialize in enhancing every hair type. Curly, wavy, coily, or straight — whatever your hair texture, you’re in expert hands. Our commitment extends beyond just style.

Hair Care and Styling

We ensure that each client receives personalized care with products meticulously chosen for their quality and efficacy.

Stylists and Barbers

Empowering stylists and barbers with advanced tools and cutting-edge techniques.

Hair Extensions

Premium hair extensions for flawless volume and length. Elevate your hairstyle!

Cranial Prosthesis

Custom cranial prosthesis: expert solutions for hair loss with comfort and style.

Government services

Partner with It’s Bout Time Beauty Supply for government-specific beauty solutions. We offer specialized products and expert services tailored for government agencies, ensuring compliance and excellence. Benefit from our dedicated support and innovative approaches to beauty care in the public sector.



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